Arborland Montessori Fullerton Primary School

Child Care Fullerton

 Fullerton city is home to a Montessori school that offers outstanding academics and study-related activities. Arborland Montessori Preschool Fullerton is a place for children of various ages to not only receive a comprehensive education, but also grow as enthusiastic and well-rounded individuals.

There are two campuses—one on Valencia Drive, and the other on Hughes Drive. Both are located in Fullerton City. The Valencia branch is the birthplace of Arborland, and features six classrooms. Meanwhile, the Hughes branch boasts an impressive eight classrooms in addition to a swimming pool, a tennis court, and several big playgrounds. These two schools offer top-notch instructional programs and quality daycare services, along with other unique activities. Daycare services at the Hughes campus are available even on holidays. The Activity Center features artwork classes, dance rehearsals, sports classes, tutoring sessions, and study sessions, all of which are provided after-school.

The Montessori private school at Arborland features a dedicated and innovative faculty devoted to the education of your children. The number of students in every classroom is kept at a minimum, allowing the instructor to give special attention to each and every student. This personal arrangement allows the teacher to create tailored lesson plans for every pupil, which is an excellent advantage when it comes to learning. In this situation, every child is able to be helped, and no child is left behind. The students also never feel pressured for time. In this learning environment, children will be able to progress successfully through their foundation classes to mastery of more advanced courses.

A unique facet of the Arborland experience is dubbed the “three-year process,” which allows the children to remain with the same teacher for three grade levels. This nurtures an understanding connection between the instructor and the child, allowing the teacher to design customized and personalized lesson plans that will ultimately allow every student to learn not only more rapidly, but also more comprehensively.

In hopes of creating a cohesive, discrimination-free classroom, the three-year process is also launching a program that will accommodate children from grades one through three—in the same classroom. As younger children look up to their older counterparts, and older children help their younger friends, bullying will be curtailed and eliminated. Arborland is recognized as a bully-free zone, allowing each child to develop with confidence.

Child Care Fullerton

From the past 20 years, Arborland Montessori Private School has been making successful individual in this country. Enroll your child here and also the school will do the rest! 


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